We wonder what kind of human beings will be walking on this planet in the future, discovering and shaping new worlds like Mars. Are they going to be sick? Cognitively impaired? Ageing? We hope not.

Our intellectual curiosity, and ability to collaborate in large groups and quickly learn new skills from one another make us humans unique.

What is even more amazing? We think… and we know that we think. Those little voices in our heads constantly commenting on every action, reliving the past, and worrying about the future.

We can harness the power of genetics, environmental factors, and human mind to help us improve mental performance: focus, memory, mood, and sleep quality. 

Our environment is very competitive. Universities, startups, corporate offices, or esports tournaments – Life demands you to be at your best. Everyday.

At BRAINXP we develop innovative products to help you reach your peak mental performance levels.

Join us on our journey to define what it means to be a human in the 21st century. Check out new articles in the Research section and explore BRAINXP products.


Dr Bart Alright, CEO

Dr Bart Alright has a PhD in brain cancer and neural stem cell biology from University College London (UCL) and BSc in Biotechnology from EU International Program hosted at University of Perugia, Italy.

His PhD was focused on identification of small molecules which lead to growth and differentiation of neural stem cells. Dr Alright screened over 300 chemical and plant-derived substances using novel High Content Screening (HCS) methods.  

As part of his studies Dr Alright completed research projects at University of Oxford (focused on lymphoma antigens), and Cambridge University (focused on mitochondrial dysfunction, and mammary stem cell biology). 

For over 5 years Dr Alright worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical communications consultant developing global, European and UK-level medical campaigns in a range of therapy areas including: oncology, neurology, respiratory, and human nutrition.

Dr Alright founded BRAINXP to pursue his passion for human performance improvement.


Dr Neelam Panchal, CSO

Dr Neelam Panchal is the Chief Scientific Officer at BRAINXP, overseeing and advising on new product development and scientific studies with BRAINXP products.

Dr Panchal received a prestigious Bogue Fellowship from UCL and she continues to research X-linked lymphoproliferative disease type 1 (XLP1) at University College London-Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (UCL-GOSICH). 

Wlad Stroukov, COO

Wlad Stroukov oversees BRAINXP operations in the UK.

Originally from Germany, Wlad pursues PhD in stem cells and regenerative medicine at King's College London. 

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