Nootropics to improve brain performance

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What are nootropics? We work in mentally competitive environment, under constant pressure to multi-task, problem-solve and increase our productivity. Our brains became our most valuable assets. Students, professionals, and older adults all want to stay sharp to have advantage over others. Are compounds sold as brain boosters and cognition enhancers worth your time? Learn more about key categories of currently available nootropic products. 



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Video transcript

What are nootropics? (00:19)

Nootropics, sometimes known as ‘smart drugs’ can be drugs, supplements, or other substancers, which improve cognitive function like memory, focus and clarity, problem solving skills, or productivity.

As you can see ‘nootropics’ is a blanket term, which lumps together all kinds of substances: caffeine, cocaine; omega fatty acids, lsd. It’s a bit like talking about sports performance enhancement and putting whey protein and steroids in the same category.

Nootropic drugs (00:58)

Let’s talk about nootropic drugs. In this category we have prescription drugs used to treat medical conditons like ADHD or narcolepsy. Example drugs include Adderall and Modafinil. Drugs like modafinil enhance dopamine release making you feel better about the task you’re about to perform.

Racetams (01:23)

Racetams are another class of drugs worth mentioning, with piracetam being the most studied nootropic compound. Other racetams include oxiracetam and phenylpiracetam which are also stimulants.

Dietary supplements (01:37)

Then of course, there are natural dietary supplements, which are also nootropics. In this category we have for example: omega fatty acids, gingko biloba, or bacopa monnieri, which is a herb used in traditional medicine.

Ongoing research (01:55)

The research is ongoing. To learn more about nootropics and individual compounds you can join online discussions. One of the key ones being Reddit. The link is in the description. And of course subscribe to our channel for more videos about nootropics and cognitive enhancement. Press now.


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