Less food, more brain

Study Title
Dietary Restriction Stimulates BDNF Production in the Brain and Thereby Protects Neurons Against Excitotoxic Injury.
Study Authors
Wenzhen Duan, JaeWon Lee, ZhiHong Guo, Mark P. Mattson
Study Model Animal - Rat
Abstract Link https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11345515


As my acupuncture doctor says ‘No pain, no gain’. It could be that you might need to suffer from the lack of food on a regular basis to keep your brain sharp as a tack. Are you willing to sacrifice your weekly fast food binge to be the smartest version of yourself that you can be?

    Wenzhen Duan et al in the scientific article titled: “Dietary Restriction Stimulates BDNF Production in the Brain and Thereby Protects Neurons Against Excitotoxic Injury” shows something very exciting for me personally and as you ended up on this website chances are you will be excited too.

    By restricting calories in the form of alternate day fasting Duan and colleagues were able to increase BDNF levels in multiple regions of the brain in test animals, including hippocampus, cortex, and striatum.

    We know that BDNF has a neuroprotective function, as elevated levels can be observed after traumatic brain injury or ischemia, which is inadequate blood supply to an organ, in this case, the brain. What it could mean is that dietary restriction in the form of fasting acts as a mild cellular stress which prepares your brain to fight off harmful substances like toxins or oxidative stress.

    High BDNF levels are associated with better neuronal survival and neuroplasticity – all this could help improve your memory and learning. And the best part is that it’s free stuff – no supplements or pills that you have to buy. In addition, it will probably save you some money since you’ll be spending less on food thanks to intermittent fasting.

    Are you ready to change your eating habits to benefit from higher levels of BDNF? What’s your intermittent fasting routine going to be?

    Dr Bart Alright


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