Do you know your Ginseng dose?

Study Title
Dose dependent changes in cognitive performance and mood following acute administration of Ginseng to healthy young volunteers.
Study Authors
Kennedy DO, Scholey AB, Wesnes KA
Study Model Human
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I don’t want to sell you rubbish supplements and I definitely don’t want to sell you something that could have a negative impact on your cognitive performance. That is why it is crucial that the doses and compound combinations in BrainXP supplements are based on data from scientific studies.

As I tried to highlight in the ‘About’ section quite often nootropic supplements seem to be based on a completely random list of ingredients with even more random doses of active compounds. It may look good from a marketing point of view, but it can have a reverse effect to what you are hoping to achieve, so please do some research before you take any supplements. I’d be happy to help, so don’t hesitate to leave a note in the Comments section below.

The reason why I’m writing this is an article by D.O. Kennedy et al titled “Dose dependent changes in cognitive performance and mood following acute administration of Ginseng to healthy young volunteers”. In this study the researchers tested three different doses of Panax Ginseng: 200, 400, and 600 mg of G115, which is a standardized formula with 4% of active compounds called triterpenoid glycosides.

Four different elements of cognitive performance were measured at multiple time points after Ginseng ingestion: 1) Speed of attention, 2) Accuracy of attention, 3) Quality of memory, 4) Speed of memory.

One dose, 400 mg seemed to outperform both 200 and 600 mg with results suggesting that ingestion of Ginseng affects cognitive performance in a time and dose-dependent manner. Authors highlighted that statistically significant effects were seen after taking just single doses, with the most significant improvement to the ‘quality of memory’ at 400 mg, with less positive outcomes for both 200 and 600 mg.

What’s even trickier to get right than the dose is the origin and preparation of your Panax Ginseng, with some products being of poor quality, which makes them useless without active compounds like saponins.

Do you know the Panax Ginseng dose in your supplement? Does it work for you?

Dr Bart Alright


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